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What do you do when a "fake" relationship is so much better than the real thing?

Hope Donnigan is finally getting her life together. She's working a job she likes, has some amazing friends, and is steering clear of Mr. Wrong. Now if only she could get her mother to understand that. Maybe a hot tattoo artist from the other side town is just the ticket to teach her mom a lesson.

J.T. Webster fell for Hope months ago at his sister's wedding. So when she propositions him to be her fake boyfriend to get her mother off her back, he's all in. The only problem is J.T. had no idea their pretend relationship would be better than anything real he's ever had…

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   Hope lost herself in J.T. He smelled like an invitation to sex and tasted like honeyed caramel. Good Lord, but the man knew how to kiss.
   The moment he’d touched her lips, she’d forgotten her own advice to steer clear of men and latched onto him. And now she could do nothing but enjoy a real man concentrating on her.
   He moaned, slanted his mouth at an angle that gave him deeper access, and followed her tongue with his, dipping into the recesses of her mouth and stimulating every damn cell in her body.
   He was hard. All over. His broad chest swelled. Arms that she could barely fit her hands around tightened. As did the rest of him when he drew her into his body.
   She felt caged in his embrace, totally controlled by a man much more powerful than herself. But she sensed nothing but arousal and safety, oddly enough. Nothing overbearing, like what she’d experienced with a few of her exes.
   A smart woman would put a stop to the kiss. Especially when he put his large hand at the small of her back and pulled her closer still, allowing her to feel the impressive bulge between his legs. Their disparity in size was evident, especially that big part of him she felt all too clearly when he rubbed against her belly. She gasped, caught between his kiss and his shocking dimensions.
   He trailed his lips down her cheek to suck at her neck.
   She moaned, tilting her head back, doing her damnedest to find the will to push him away. But her body had other plans.
   Her breasts ached. The place between her legs throbbed. And the rest of her tingled, every part of her needing to lie down on the nearest horizontal surface so she could spread her legs in welcome…
   “No.” She pushed weakly at his chest.
   J.T. froze, panting. “No?” he choked out.
   “Yes. I mean, no. We can’t do this,” she managed between large intakes of breath.
   He slowly put her away from him and stared at her from under hooded lids. All she could think was that he looked kissable.
   “Huh?” She shivered.
   “Don’t look at me like that.”
   She licked her suddenly dry lips, and he glanced away and swore.
   “L-like what?”
   “Like you want me to… Never mind.” He blew out a harsh breath. “Yeah, um. Good idea to stop that. We’re just pretending, right?”
   “About dating. So we can fool your mom if we have to kiss in front of her to be believable.”
   “Right. Yes. Uh huh.” Think, Hope. With more than your ovaries. “I’m sorry. I didn’t… I wasn’t trying to put out the wrong signals.” That I want you? That sex with you is on my must have list? “I told you I had some tough relationships in the past.” She swallowed the lump in her throat. “I’m trying to do better and be focused on me right now.”
   “Sure. I get you.” He nodded and tucked his hands in his pockets, which did nothing to mask the raging hard-on under his fly. “Smart move. I met Greg. I feel you.”
   She sighed. “Yeah.”
   They all started out nice, then slowly morphed into monsters. J.T. seemed amiable, sexy, safe. What would he turn out to be in the end?
   “Okay then.” He cleared his throat and guided her toward the front door. “We won’t do this again. But we know we can pull it off for your mom if we need to.”
   “Right. I really do appreciate you doing this for me.” She stopped and faced him, feeling bad for pulling him into her mess. “You don’t have to, you know.”
   “Um, yeah, I do. Where else will you find a tattoo artist with several baby mommas and jail time on his resume?”
   She stared. “Really?”
   “Well, no. That’s not all true.” He winked at her. “But to find out which parts I’m lying about, you have to buy me a beer at Ray’s.”
   She gave him a smile, unable to help herself. Charming should have been his middle name. That and handsome. “It’s a date.”
   “Wednesday at six work for you?” he asked. “It’s a little less crowded in the middle of the week, and less scary for a first timer.”
   “I won’t be scared.” She’d heard from her brothers about the rough types who hung out around the place.
   “Honey, I was scared my first time. And my second, my third…” They shared a laugh. “Ray’s is good people. Tough, but good. I’ll pick you up. Will that be okay?”
   She thought about it and realized she didn’t care if he knew where she lived. “You’re practically family,” she teased. “I trust you.”
   She couldn’t read the look he shot her as he walked her to her car and waited for her to belt up. Once all secured, she rolled down her window. “Okay. What’s with that look?”
   “Just remember, Hope—we aren’t family.” He shook his head and bent to stare her in the eye. “Because I’m not down with kissing my family like I kissed you.” He stroked her cheek, sighed, and straightened. “Now go home before I forget why I shouldn’t give you what you’re asking for.”
   Heck, she’d been the one to say no earlier. But when his eyes narrowed, she obeyed. Better to keep him happy since he’d agreed to help. Plus, she trusted what she knew of him. If he thought she should leave, she’d go. Because if she stayed any longer, she might assault the man and have her wicked way with him. And that would pretty much shoot her independent,  no-men stance all to hell.
   Turning on the radio, she sang all the way home, feeling better about life than she had in a long time.
   The next day, she arrived at work early, in a cheerful mood. She wore a business casual outfit of dress pants, heels, and a silk blouse. Even Linda would have trouble making an issue of her clothing, styled hair, and makeup.
   Instead of annoyance at thoughts of her domineering mother, Hope smiled, recalling J.T.’s warmth, the feel of his firm yet soft lips guiding her. Melting her. She sighed as she took the elevator to the office on the second floor. “Dating” J.T. would prove to be a challenge, because everything in her wanted to be with the man for real. To see if he could make good on his reputation’s promise as a marvel in bed.

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Follow the Widow as she explores the darker side of romance and desires.
Out April 24th – the Lustful Legacy Box Set by Maggie Adams!

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Title: Lustful Legacy
Author: Maggie Adams
Series: Lustful Trilogy Box Set
Genre: Women’s Erotica
Release Date: April 24, 2018

When the picture-perfect wife of a prominent local businessman decides to let loose of her inhibitions, she begins a journey into the darker art of romance and sexual gratification. She yearns to explore, and yet, fears the loss of her vanilla world, for once seen, it can never be unseen.
But not every kinkster is a good soul, and she learns the hard way that trust can be misplaced, the mind can be twisted, and those that seek the darker passions may have their own psychotic agendas.
She finally finds the man of her sexual dreams, appropriately named, Morpheus. His wisdom and experience in the matters of love, lust and BDSM comfort her fears. She begins to trust again. Safe within his protection, she explores whatever desires have been locked away in her vanilla world.
Just as destiny has brought them together, cruel fate attempts to rip them apart.

Find out more at: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

About Maggie Adams:
Maggie Adams is an Amazon Best Selling contemporary romance author. Her first book in the Tempered Steel Series, Whistlin’ Dixie, debuted in Amazon’s Top 100 for Women’s Fiction, humor, on November, 2014. Since then, she has consistently made the Amazon best seller 5-star list with Leather and Lace, Something’s Gotta Give, and Love, Marriage & Mayhem. She is also the recipient of the Dayreader Review’s Best New Series Award for 2015. Her series has launched the tiny town of Grafton, Illinois, into International recognition with sales in Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the UK.

Back home, she resides in the Midwest, with her high school sweetheart, Ned, and their children, Katie (Kyle) and Ross (Valerie) and first granddaughter, Lorelei, otherwise known as “The Boss”

You can connect with her online at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads | Instagram | Pinterest | BookBub


For Jill, Lucas was supposed to be a one-night stand, but then he shows up the next morning as her new roommate. She’s looking for a long-term relationship. He’s looking for a life free of commitments. She knows he’s wrong for her, but not wanting him isn’t really an option. Contemporary Romance fans will love this sexy new release from New York Times Bestselling Author Noelle Adams!

Noelle is offering one (1) lucky Grand Prize winner a $25 Amazon Gift Card and three (3) Runner-Ups an eCopy of one her backlist titles. To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below:

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About Living with Her One-Night Stand:

Title: Living with Her One-Night Stand
Author: Noelle Adams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 24, 2018
Publisher: Noelle Adams
Series: The Loft
Format: Digital eBook / Print
Digital ISBN: B079QBFN82
Print ISBN: 9781386003724


Jill has never been good at taking risks, but she spends one hot night with a sexy stranger, knowing she'll never see him again. Then Lucas shows up the next morning as her new roommate. He was supposed to be a one-night stand, but now he'll be living in the empty room in her shared apartment for the next six months.

Jill needs stability and a long-term relationship, and she knows Lucas can never give her those things. He's looking for a life free of commitments or obligations. She knows he's wrong for her. She shouldn't want him for more than one night.

But she lives with him. He's around all the time--with his sexy smile and his hard body and the soft heart he pretends not to have. Not wanting him isn't really an option.

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Copyright © 2018 Living With Her One-Night Stand
Noelle Adams

On Monday morning, Jill overslept.
She set her alarm for seven, but it was seven thirty-five when she finally woke up. As soon as she registered the time, she flew out of bed and ran to the bathroom.
She hated being late. As much as it annoyed her when other people were late, she hated it even more when it was her.
She took a three-minute shower, grabbed an outfit that wouldn’t take any effort to pull together—a knee-length A-line dress in a vintage print—and snatched a handful of jewelry that might possibly work with it. She’d barely gotten her shoes on before she was rushing into the kitchen to get some coffee.
Michelle was at the counter with her laptop as she always was, eating cereal and working. But what surprised Jill was finding that Lucas was up too.
He didn’t have to work. He didn’t have a schedule. He could still be in bed.
But there he was, sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee, putzing on his phone. Wearing nothing but a pair of old sweatpants. His hair was mussed, he needed to shave, and he wasn’t wearing a shirt.
So the first thing Jill saw as she came into the kitchen was a whole lot of gorgeous male back and shoulders and arms.
She didn’t need to see that this morning.
She dumped her pile of jewelry on the counter as she poured herself a cup of coffee.
“Morning,” Lucas said, sounding friendly and casual.
What was he even doing up this early?
And why did he have to sound so awake? Awake and masculine. Awake and masculine and sexy.
First thing on a Monday morning.
She did her best to suppress a snarl.
“You’re running late,” Michelle said, without looking up from her laptop. “Did you oversleep?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Jill was trying to drink her coffee and put on her earnings, bracelets, necklace, and rings at the same time.
Lucas was watching her with laid-back interest in his green eyes.
She tried not to snarl at him again.
His eyebrows went up slightly, and she realized she must not have done a good job at the suppression.
She turned her back to him, reaching into the cupboard for a breakfast bar. She preferred to eat cereal, but she didn’t have time this morning. She kept her back to Lucas as she gulped down more of her coffee.
“You missed a button.”
She stiffened, glancing over her shoulder to verify that Lucas had been talking to her. “What?”
“You missed a button.” He gestured toward her dress. “You want me to get it?”
“I can get it,” she gritted out, contorting her arms until she could feel which button on the back of her dress was undone. Discovering it, she stretched her shoulders painfully so she could button it.
When she glanced back over at Lucas, she saw that his mouth was tilted up slightly.
He was laughing at her. Silently but definitely laughing.
She didn’t try to hide her snarl this time.
He didn’t have to be up and dressed and at work by eight in the morning. He didn’t have to sit there in her kitchen, looking smug and gorgeous and amused and irresistibly rumpled when she could barely pull it together.
What kind of malicious turn of fate had made him her roommate at all?
When she’d managed her button, she poured more coffee into her cup and took it with her, grabbing her bag on her way out as she left.
She did remember to mumble out a “See you later,” before she closed the door.
It was just the first Monday morning of Lucas living in her apartment.
It was going to be a long six months.

About Noelle Adams:

Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral-bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn’t stopped writing since. She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia, where she reads any book she can get her hands on and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spaniel.

She loves travel, art, history, and ice cream. After spending far too many years of her life in graduate school, she has decided to reorient her priorities and focus on writing contemporary romances.


Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon  |  BookBub

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True heroes will do anything to protect the women they love...

Out April 24th – Total Bravery, a True Heroes novel, by Piper J Drake.

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Title: Total Bravery
Author: Piper J. Drake
Series: True Heroes
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 24, 2018
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing – Forever
Print Length: 304 Pages
Format: Digital and Mass Market Paperback

True heroes will do anything to protect the women they love...

As the newest recruit at Search and Protect, Raul has a lot to prove. Luckily, he's got the best friend and partner a man could ask for: a highly trained, fiercely loyal German Shepherd Dog named Taz. Together, Raul and Taz make an unbeatable team. But their first mission in Hawaii really puts them to the test when an international kidnapping ring sets its sights on the bravest woman Raul's ever met . . .

Mali knows her latest job has put one hell of a target on her back. And on this small island paradise, there's nowhere to hide. With a service dog like Taz, Mali feels safe. Sharing close quarters with a smoldering muscle-for-hire like Raul, she feels something else - an unexpected wave of desire. Raul feels it too. But when the kidnappers make their move, he's got to turn that slow-burning passion into hard-hitting action - and save the life of the woman he loves.

Get More information at: Goodreads  | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes | GooglePlay

More from the True Heroes series:

Extreme Honor
Get More information at: Goodreads  | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes

Ultimate Courage
Get More information at: Goodreads  | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes

Absolute Trust
Get More information at: Goodreads  | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes

When eighty-five pounds of dog is suddenly in your way, you either stop or trip over him. Momentum played a part in Raul’s decision. He fell forward and spread his arms wide to catch himself on the bed rather than accidentally catch a handful of Mali’s towel. 
He caught a face full of her towel-covered cleavage instead. 
Mali squeaked. 
Raul rolled to the side. 
Taz barked. 
“Sorry.” Jeezus. He tried to get out his apology, his eyes clamped shut. He was not going to remember how good she smelled, a mixture of honey and sea salt and the indefinable, delicate scent of woman. Nope. He wasn’t. Nor was he going to ever think about how nice her cleavage had been. Just enough to bury his face and let him nuzzle without being so full he’d suffocate. The palms of his hands burned with an insane desire to feel her soft skin cupped in his grip. 
Mali backed away and then hissed in pain. 
His head cleared, and he opened his eyes to see nothing but ceiling. “Did I hurt you? Do you need help?” 
She leaned forward into his range of view, one hand clutching the front of her towel over her breasts. That was a really hot image, too. “No. I just sat back too fast and put weight on my sunburn.” 
“Oh.” He had no idea what to do. He couldn’t sit up while she was leaning over him and rolling to the side seemed awkward as hell. Of course, so did lying flat on his back in front of a woman in nothing but a towel. “Is there something I can do to get out of this situation without Arin wanting to kill me?” 
Mali’s eyes widened, and she froze for a moment, her lips forming a seriously naughty looking O. Then she blinked and laughed. “No. Probably not.” 
It was either laugh with her or pull her down for a kiss. “I’m doomed. Dead.” He paused. “Once I get you safely to Arin, that is. No worries. We’ll get you to her before I report myself for molesting her little sister.” 
Her laughter faded, and her dark brown eyes sparkled with mischief. “Well, if you’re going to get in trouble anyway…” 
She bent then, leaning a hand on his chest, and pressed her lips to his. 

About Piper J. Drake:
Piper J. Drake is a bestselling author of romantic suspense and edgy contemporary romance, a frequent flyer, and day job road warrior. She is often distracted by dogs, cupcakes, and random shenanigans.

Connect with Piper at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google + | GoodReads| Youtube